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7-port Aluminum USB Hub (Black)

7-port Aluminum USB Hub (Black)

(7 ports USB 3.0 + 3 SMART CHARGING ports) – SDU3-P4C3

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    The inside of the SmartDelux® USB Hub SDU3-P4C3 is securely protected by its durable body, which is made of an industrial aluminum alloy. Besides protection for the electronic parts of the device, the body and the size of this Hub (4.6”x 1.73”x 1.02”) give the additional weight, which means that your 7 Port USB with 3 Charging Ports is incredibly steady. The body is covered with black industrial powder paint, which is scratch resistant.


    The body of the Aluminum 7-Port Hub is equipped with undercut grooves, which ensure that the SmartDelux® USB 3.0 Hub will never slip out of your hands. Moreover, air vents on one side of the powered USB Hub cool the device evenly. The port marking is made by means of laser engraving, so it won't fade or wear with use. In addition, the length of the cord of power adapter is 60”, the length of the data transfer cord is 40”: you won’t have to always be close to an outlet.


    Besides 4 Super Fast (up to 5Gbps) USB 3.0 ports, the Hub has 3 Charging Ports, which are designed for the fast and efficient charging of the batteries of your phone, tablet or other similar device. Due to our latest invention, the «GL3520 88PIN» smart chip, which is able to supply the devices that you are charging with the power of up to 2.4A. Your devices are always secure: the smart chip ensures the perfect balance between speedy charging and safety.


    Thanks to the compatibility with various OS’s (Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, MacOs-8/9/X, UNIX, Linux, iOs, Android), you don’t need any drivers for the Hub charging station. Due to the convenient Plug&Play interface, installing the USB connector is a piece of cake. The Hub’s compatibility with earlier versions of USB 2.0 and lower allows you to plug in any USB-devices.


    Besides durable body, SmartDelux® USB Hub has built-in surge protection and over current protection. Thus, your USB Hub always protects itself and all your connected devices. In addition, thanks to the compact adapter 5V/3A, this one of the most energy-efficient hubs on the market therefore, it will never get too loud or too hot, which is the reason why other USB’s break down so fast.


    Manufacturer: SmartDelux®. Model: SDU3-P4C3. Color: Black. Packing dimensions: 200x112x57 mm. Product dimensions: 117x43x25 mm. Product weight: 105 gr. Compatibility: Windows (32/64 bit) XP / Vista / 7/8/10, MacOs-8/9 / X, UNIX, Linux, iOS, Android and others. Ports: 4 data transfer ports + 3 ports for charging devices. Power adapter specification: Input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz. Output: 5 V / 3 A. Package includes: USB Hub SDU3-P4C3 (1 pc), data transmission cord (1 pc), cord with power adapter (1 pc), anti-slip feet (4 pcs), instruction (1 pc).


    SmartDelux® gives 18 months full warranty for this product, and lifetime technical support.